South Park: 7 Reasons Fractured But Whole Is Worse Than Stick Of Truth

The only game to punish you with its pre-order bonus.


As a pleasant surprise back in 2014, The Stick Of Truth was always going to be a tough act for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to both follow and conquer. Yes, they have succeeded in expanding upon its gameplay with deeper combat, more interesting and varied boss battles and superior side-quests, but did they manage to make a better game overall? No.

Like any South Park episode, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments, but The Fractured But Whole lacks the charm and novelty of its forerunner. It was still worth the wait caused by numerous delays and creative problems, but it’s impossible to deny that it suffers greatly from inconsistent comedy and dated material.

Received with a polarising response from fans, complaints and other responses embody why The Fractured But Whole is a reminder of the series’ current direction that fans are disgruntled with, while The Stick Of Truth is more reminiscent of the show’s edgier, more “golden” years.


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