Spyro Reignited: 6 Levels We Can't Wait To See

Which levels can you not wait to charge your way through? 


The Spyro Reignited Trilogy releases in November and fans cannot wait to play through their old favourites in glorious HD. Developers Toy’s For Bob (of Skylanders fame) have pushed back release once, but judging from the test footage and concept art we’ve been shown, it seems to have been the right call.

While it's interesting to note how the 90s platformer could dominate gaming all over again, Spyro himself has a bevy of great levels, and I've chosen two from each game to break down.

There’s sure to be some debate around the Reignited trilogy too, as recent reveals of character models have shown. Some wonder why Elora has so much fur (she’s a fawn you dork!), but most agree her look is an improvement. Giving Sheila the kangaroo a bright red ponytail and a waist like Violet Chachki has been less well received, however.

Once we get our hands on that sweet, sweet, nostalgia filled disc though, all debates will hopefully disappear in a state of pure bliss.


Stacey Henley is a published author, avid gamer and all-round nerd. She can most often be found roaming through vivid expansive spaces and discovering the world around her, but only in video games. In real life, she mostly stays home.