Spyro Reignited: 6 Levels We Can't Wait To See

5. Twilight Harbour

Spyro the dragon

Arguably the trickiest level in the original game, Spyro fans welcomed this challenging change of pace. While Spyro was nowhere near as difficult as Metal Gear Solid, even amongst platformers most agreed it was much easier than Crash Bandicoot.

Although Twilight Harbour isn’t on par with Crash’s The High Road, it was the most challenging part of Spyro’s 1998 outing. In the remake, fans are eager to see if they’re still up to the task. Developers Toy’s For Bob have been very vocal about staying as true as possible to the original game, so it stands to reason the difficulty will be there again.

The level is not even accessible until you’ve vanquished final boss Gnasty Gnorc. While he’s hardly Ornstein and Smough, for many kids beating him marked the first game they ever completed. And Twilight Harbour rewards you not only with a new challenge to test yourself, but also a beautiful orange sunset. The sun is setting on your adventure. But fear not! As Hemingway said, the sun also rises, and Ripto’s Rage is just a quick click away.

Sidenote: I’m sure Hemingway’s very proud he still has enough cultural relevance to be referenced in video game articles.


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