Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign: 9 Bold Story Predictions

Sorry, Iden Versio, it's been nice knowing you.


One of the biggest releases of the year (and the third most expensive game of all time, no less), Star Wars Battlefront 2 is finally dropping ahead of The Last Jedi in November. Despite disappointing players with the first instalment in the rebooted series in 2015, EA has made some radical changes to the franchise in time for its sophomore effort, and they seem to be paying off.

While most of the focus has naturally been on the multiplayer going into the sequel - after all, that's all the original game had to offer - it's the single-player campaign actually shaping up to be one of the best parts of the upcoming title.

Focusing on creating a great story rather than simply throwing together a bunch of Star Wars-inspired set pieces and calling it a day, it's clear that EA are dedicated to crafting something epic when it comes to Battlefront 2's campaign.

With that said, players still don't know much about the single-player, and DICE are keeping their cards close to their chest about what fans should expect. Still, there are still some things you can bank on seeing come November, and if Battlefront 2's campaign is going to be a game-changer, it would be nothing short of amazing if these bold predictions come true.


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