Super Mario Odyssey: Ranking All 8 Revealed Kingdoms So Far

8. Shiveria - Snow Kingdom


Out of all the officially revealed kingdoms, Shiveria is the one we've seen the least of, so unfortunately there's not much to say. It's a snowy world, yes, but Nintendo seems to be taking an interesting approach with this one and sticking the player right in the middle of a furious blizzard - for some of the world, at least.

In other areas it looks like the typical icy fare - and who really likes the ice levels, right? Still, as with everything in Odyssey, it's pretty, looks enjoyable enough, and the NPCs are seals in huge coats, so that's cool. Plus Mario's winter coat outfit looks great. Here's hoping it's not packed with the tropes of ice stages, like slippery floors and freezing water... but it probably will be.


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