Top 15 Robots In Video Games

13. Metal Gear This robot has an entire series of games sporting it€™s name, and it doesn€™t even have a personality. Metal Gear is obviously from series of the same name, with such titles as Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Acid. Although there have been many Metal Gears and their size and shape has varied, they have always been created with the vision to destabilise the world through the weapons of nuclear threat. Metal Gear makes up for its total lack of witty dialogue with the adventures that it has spawned. Without Metal Gear Snake and his friends, one would be hanging around outside the unemployment office with cans of Special Brew. 12. Jack

A staple of the Tekken series ever since it first outing. Each upgrade of this Russian fighting machine has coincided with the series, apart from Tekken 4 (although there was a Jack 4 who blew himself up in the opening sequels of Tekken 5). Hence, Jack is currently on his 6th version. Jack falls into the slow and strong category of fighters; his brute strength can be a used to good effect in the right hands. He can be useful to experts and beginners but has made it onto this list based upon his ability to fly before dropping down on your opponents fragile head.
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