Uncharted 4: 9 Annoying Things That Stop It Being Perfect

2. The Villains Are Underused

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Naughty Dog

Rafe and Nadine? Brilliant characters, just brilliant - for the hour or so they're on screen.

Rafe in particular is a really conniving and snivelling brat of a human being - one you're glad to skewer with a sword at the close of the game, but it takes until that point for his motivations to become anything close to clear. Nadine on the other hand is by far the strongest female character the series has ever had (in a literal, physical sense) and her fight against both Nate and Sam is one for the history books.

However, it's precisely because these interactions are so fantastic, that it sucks they're not in the campaign more. Near the early-goings when you're darting from place to place, both Rafe and Nadine show up in the auction house and across Madagascar. The pressure is most definitely on, and you feel like you're going up against these two furiously dogged individuals, with drives that match your own.

Following this though, right around the time of At Sea and especially after Elena comes back into the picture, they all but disappear. It could be a comment on how they seem more imposing because Nate's attention is on them and away from his home life, but as both antagonists factor into the final scenario with some very key lines of dialogue, it's a shame they spend the better part of the second half waiting to deliver it.

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