Ubisoft this morning revealed a brand new screenshot for their upcoming PlayStation 4 title “Watch Dogs”.

The open-world action/adventure game, scheduled to be released as an exclusive launch title for Sony’s next generation console this holiday season, was the stand out title at Sony’s New York PS4 unveiling last month.

Ubisoft, the publisher of the title, recently stated that they are prepared to do battle with Rockstar Games’ fervently anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 when the two titles launch later this year.

Going by the new screenshot, it is difficult not to be impressed. The graphics look superb as the water realistically laps against the side of a boat, while skyscrapers and buildings loom ominously in the background.

Watch Dogs is also scheduled for release on current generation consoles as well, and will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360, along with Nintendo’s Wii U and the PC alongside the PlayStation 4.

It is powered by a new engine known as “Disrupt” and follows protagonist Aiden Pearce. Gamers will have the ability to control an entire city’s infrastructure via powerful computers that run everything from data records to power lines, and can also meddle with any electrical output in ways such as jamming mobile phone reception and even short out traffic lights causing a major car accident, as demonstrated in the latest trailer.

What do you make of the new screenshot? Is Watch Dogs going to be a “Grand Theft Auto beater”? Share your thoughts below.

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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013