Wii U: 4 Games That Would Actually Make Me Buy One

The humble Wii U. It isn’t at the front of any of your game stores, it isn’t at the top…

Christopher McGeorge


Wii U Gamepad

The humble Wii U. It isn’t at the front of any of your game stores, it isn’t at the top of any charts, it probably didn’t even get invited to the prom. The Wii U is shaping up to be much less than Nintendo’s finest hour. It is not particularly a system that grabs me straight away.

So, it’s a Wii with a Gamepad? Or something more? The Wii U has a slight graphical boost up from the Wii and now it’s all HD and cool, but it doesn’t really do much that my good ol’ Wii can’t do.

Another problem with the system, which could have nullified the first, is that there are simply no games for it that I want to play. Being a Nintendo fan from the days of the N64, this seems odd to me, but I seem to be coping fine with my 3DS. I mean, I can just play Smash Bros. on that, right?

Well, there are always some exceptions, and I think that buying a Wii U could be on the cards for me, at least when the system is at a lower price, but the games in this list just might sway me to get one even sooner than that…



4. The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 1 11

The Wonderful 101 is out. Right now. And it looks great. An intriguing concept of inner power, 101 is all about a group of heroes protecting their world from an alien threat. Far from that generic logline though, it shows an immense sense of humour in its addictive gameplay. I’ve played it a little bit on a mate’s Wii U and it is indeed as good as reviews say.

With its wacky presentation and Pikmin-esque explosive gameplay, The Wonderful 101 is a nice antidote to all the murder and mayhem of other games. It also serves to remind me why I used to love Nintendo, and that’s no bad thing.