WWE 13: 10 Matches We Want To Play

10 matches we can’t wait to play on WWE 13.

Jamie Callaghan


WWE 13 focuses on the Attitude Era, one of the most popular and exciting times in wrestling. Every week fans tuned in to Raw in record numbers to watch how Stone Cold would annoy Vince McMahon, to hear what The Rock might say and to see how DX would cause controversy.

There were many wonderful moments throughout that time but it also brought about some of the best wrestling that had been seen. Some of the matches were technically brilliant, others had memorable moments and some ushered in new eras.

Today new information was revealed about WWE 13 that showed that the game covered from Summerslam ’97 to WrestleMania XV, although it does exclude a couple of PPVs. 65 matches have been confirmed for the mode so, aside from those PPVs which have not been included, here are ten matches which everyone will be eager to play.


10. Undertaker Vs Kane – Unforgiven ‘98

The two brothers had originally met at WrestleMania XIV and despite being victorious Undertaker was attacked after the match, proving that the feud not yet over. The next PPV, Unforgiven, introduced us to the newest match type: Inferno. The wrestler who was set on fire first lost the battle.

The match itself was not particularly spectacular but the concoction of the flames and the live audience created a wonderfully tense atmosphere that erupted when Kane’s hand was lit by the fire. The pair have battled and teamed up for years but this match easily stands out as the most creative.