WWE 13 is one of the most highly anticipated games coming out this year; partly due to the introduction of an Attitude Era mode, which lets the player relive the memorable moments and biggest matches during that wonderful time. THQ have already confirmed that the mode features 65 matches over six chapters; beginning with the rise of D-Generation X and finishing with WrestleMania XV, the event at which Stone Cold defeated The Rock for the WWF Championship.

Hopefully, that means the mode will cover the Undertaker/Michaels feud which brought us the first Hell in a Cell and the introduction of Kane, the Austin title win and subsequent Dude Love challenges, the battle between Kane, Steve Austin and The Undertaker for the title, the Survivor Series ’98 tournament, which saw The Rock win his first WWF Championship as the Corporation turned on Mankind and the road to WrestleMania XV, which included Mick Foley’s first title victory.

It was these feuds and matches which made the Attitude Era what it was, including the legendary moments which punctuated the laid-back rebellious nature of the WWF product at the time.

Here is my countdown of the top 13 Attitude Era moments from Summerslam ’97 to WrestleMania ’99 (an estimate at the timeframe of the mode).

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This article was first posted on September 3, 2012