WWE 2K14: 4 Classic Wrestlemania Matches That Won’t Be Included

The release of WWE 2K14, the first game to be published by 2k Sports following their acquisition of the WWE…

Alex Antliff



The release of WWE 2K14, the first game to be published by 2k Sports following their acquisition of the WWE license from THQ, isn’t too far away now. Their input is welcomed given the excellence of other games in the 2K sports series, and will perhaps take the series in a new direction following several years of releases that have all been somewhat samey in terms of gameplay.

The WWE itself is also undergoing something of a transition at the moment, and one of the most notable things to have occurred over the past few years is the actions that the company has taken in an attempt to mend broken bridges with several significant figures from its past – Bret Hart returned to television in 2010 thirteen years after the infamous Montreal Screwjob, ECW founder Paul Heyman returned to the fold last year following his firing in 2006, the legendary Bruno Sammartino finally accepted an induction into the Hall of Fame earlier this year after a long period of disillusionment with the company and the Ultimate Warrior (previously criticised heavily on a company DVD release about his career) has seemingly resolved his differences with the company as well given his involvement in the promotion of the upcoming game, where he, Hart and other individuals with whom the company has had disagreements with in the past (such as Ric Flair and Kevin Nash) will be a part of the ’30 Years Of Wrestlemania’ mode.

This mode will allow players to re-enact forty five classic matches from the WWE’s annual spectacle, from Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant and the ‘body slam heard around the world’ to Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in the WWE’s first ever televised ladder match.

What follows in this article are four Wrestlemania matches that also fit the definition of ‘classic’, but will almost certainly not be a part of the forty five featured in the game due to the involvement of individuals that the company cannot license for legal reasons or due to strained relationships that are still yet to be remedied.