WWE 2K14: 6 Awesome Things You Can Do

6. Play As Goldberg & Other Long Forgotten Stars

Goldberg WWE 2K14 is a game that is bringing the nostalgia of wrestling back to the squared circle. The roster is full of a lot of the current superstars you'd expect to see, and the tradition of including retired (and in some cases, deceased) legends to the game is happily being continued by 2K. I grew up watching wrestling before the 'WWE' era, when the Rock and not John Cena was the posterboy for the company, and when hitting people with steel chairs happened on a weekly basis. It was in my blood, an obsession. But I have barely seen a single show in the last five years, and thus fell out of love with the videogames, too. Which is why the inclusion of these legends is so important, as they can reawaken dormant feelings I and others once had for WWE programming. Last year's iteration, for example, WWE '13, was heavily based on the fabled Attitude Era, which worked for me on a variety of levels, considering I was being reacquainted with some old and familiar faces, i.e Mankind. And by including the likes of Goldberg, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, 'HBK' Shawn Michaels and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in WWE 2K14, 2K are ensuring some of the older fans can still enjoy their game, which is a great touch.
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