WWE 2K14: 7 Things We Want To See In WWE 2K15

6. Interactive Titantron And Stage Area

Wwestage Back in 2002, WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth included a feature that sadly has never been replicated in any WWE game since - the ability to climb the titantron. By running into a crack on the left of the stage, the player could clamber up toward the old SmackDown! fist and jump off it, hitting an opponent with an aerial attack. Not only would we like this ability to return in '15, but we also want to see an interactive stage area. Remember the 2005 Great American Bash pay per view, when the Undertaker put Muhammad Hassan through the stage with a Last Ride? The ability to do this would be on a par with throwing an opponent off the Hell in a Cell and through the announcers' table. We also want to be able to throw an opponent off the stage, as we have seen so many times before in WWE programming.
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