WWE 2K18: 24 WTF CAWs You Need To See

Heroes in a half-shell and beyond...

WWE 2K18
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We've already called Community Creations the "single best thing to happen to 2K's WWE series ever", but looking at serious creators crafting eerily realistic character models only scratches the surface of what it has to offer. Ditch that download of Kenny Omega for a second, because Bray Wyatt in leather chaps demands your attention.

We're deadly serious, but the same can't be said for those gamers who went wild and made all manner of weird concoctions. Just think about it: someone uploaded these things so you could download them onto a pro wrestling video game. Kudos to you, 2K for affording everyone such wonderful freedom.

The most ridiculous CAWs in WWE 2K18 are not bad, just bizarre. Why wrestle as John Cena, Roman Reigns, or Brock Lesnar when you could be a cartoon baby, weird pop culture mashup, or a political dictator instead?

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