WWE 2K18: 25 Most Downloaded CAWs

Turns out that Shield reunion is a big hit with 2K18's most popular creators...

WWE 2K18 CM Punk
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As much as 2K have tried to pack the game with an exhaustive mix of current WWE stars, NXT talent and legends from the past, creative folks from around the globe have made our WWE 2K18 experience even better with their creations and uploads.

We've already taken a look at 20 CAWs from WWE 2K18 you simply must download. Now, it's time to look at which ones people have been downloading the most since 2K18 hit shelves on October 17. It turns out the fan base dig this latest Shield reunion, because the Community Creations tab is stuffed full of new attires for Messrs Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose.

Aside from The Shield, there are all the usual independent stars you expect to see, although it is surprising to learn that the likes of Marty Scurll, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay didn't crack the top 25. Hell, there are only 3 current/ex-Bullet Club members in there, and only one who hasn't actually worked for WWE...

25. Matt Jackson

WWE 2K18 Nick Jackson
2K Games

Downloads: 7,468

Creator: luislp8510

Expect these numbers to change the longer 2K18 is on the market, because the Bullet Club's own Matt Jackson of Young Bucks fame barely squeezes in at number 25 with 7,468 downloads so far. That's actually less than we were expecting, way less. That download count will need to improve in time for 2K19 if The Bucks are going to do some mo-cap.

At least the model looks good, and there's a nice attention to detail on Matt's tights and tasseled boots. Again, there's a good chance the download counter will skyrocket for both Young Bucks over the next couple of weeks. If you're going to download one, you might as well download both, so grab Matt while you're in the mood.

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