WWE 2K18 Early Reviews: 10 Things We Learned

Those entrances, those beautiful entrances...

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It's no secret that WWE video games have needed a total overhaul for years now. Despite the evolution of gaming as a medium over the past 20 years, there are still elements of WWE 2K17 which remind long time gamers of the very first WWF SmackDown title from 2000.

2K18 is the latest to try and set this right, but early reviews suggest the game continues the mixed bag trend of recent releases. Are we set for more of the same here?

The WWE 2K18 review code that's out there right now is limited, and it's important to state that this isn't the finished product. Come the October 17 release date, it's expected that 2K will iron out any kinks and make 2K18 the biggest WWE video game yet.

Better get working then...

10. Commentary Is Still Disconnected

WWE 2K18
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Early reviews disappointedly suggest WWE 2K18's commentary (at least in the preview build) isn't a major improvement over prior titles. Those disconnected, ill-fitting and downright wrong comments from Michael Cole? They're still prevalent, only this time they're joined by similar nonsense from Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

Hearing fresh voices behind the announce desk was only ever going to be a good thing, but it's deflating that 2K didn't spend more time making the commentary tie in with what players are doing inside the ring. There's no excuse for this when other sports titles like FIFA and 2K's own NBA franchise continue to improve with each year.


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