WWE 2K19: 10 Best Looking Characters

WWE 2K19 isn't perfect, but these digital Superstars certainly are...

2K Sports

WWE 2K19 is finally out, having hit shelves around the world earlier this week (9 October), and although several long-standing gameplay and presentation concerns remain, the latest incarnation has drawn a positive critical response, scoring the highest Metacritc Metascore (78 overall) a WWE title has notched since SmackDown Vs. Raw 2010.

The game's tremendously robust Create-a-Superstar mode remains one of its biggest pulls. Now deeper, more in-depth, and intricate than ever before, it comes with only a handful of minor limitations, and the community is already stuffed to the gills with awesome pieces of work, from the oddly absent Tommaso Ciampa to... well, this lot.

2K's creation suite is now so good that there's no longer any excuse for the game shipping with subpar character models, and with random gamers around the world knocking it out of the park with their lifelike CAWs, the paid professionals have never been under such pressure to get their own designs right.

WWE 2K19 has its duds, but they are the minority. For the most part, this roster is a great looking bunch, with swathes of characters closely resembling their real-life selves. Let's take a look at the absolute best...


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