WWE 2K19: 10 Biggest Changes 2K Must Make

Overhaul. Everything. Now.

WWE 2K19

Great news: 2K know their WWE series, whilst popular, relies on a tired gameplay engine, annual updates and papering over the cracks to fool long-suffering fans into parting with their cash.

OK, so 2K Games President David Ismailer didn't exactly word things that way, but his statement on "stepping up investment" in the franchise did feel like an admission that things need to change over the next few years. Although sweeping improvements are unlikely in 2K19 (it's too late in the day for that), what can 2K do to make WWE video games a better overall experience in general?

A lot of things, that's what.

When it ran smoothly, 2K18 was a marvellous-looking game that captured the atmosphere of WWE events nicely. The lighting was gorgeous, some character models were jaw-droppingly high-res and chaotic matches like Royal Rumble were a blast to play through. Again though, only focusing on new lighting mechanics is akin to slapping on foundation to hide skin blemishes.

2K's series requires a major overhaul. Even if we do have to wait a few years to see our dreams realised, it's time age-old wish list items rang true...


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