WWE 2K19: 10 Moments Daniel Bryan's Showcase Must Include

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WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan John Cena
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Those worried about the lack of a single-player story mode in WWE 2K19 should worry no more. 2K's announcement that the game will star a Daniel Bryan Showcase has been greeted favourably, and with good reason. This, just like the Steve Austin mode in 2K16, should be tons of fun.

An immersive, in-depth look at Bryan's (stop start) core eight-year WWE career is a must, and there are bound to be some little gems sprinkled in there; in-game screenshots have already confirmed that Bryan's 2003 tryout on Velocity against bad boy rapper John Cena is on the cards. There's even some Team Hell No action too, and that won't be all.

2K may follow a quasi-WWE 24 thread with the documentary footage, mixing playable matches with voiceover-driven cut scenes and interviews with Bryan and those closest to him. If done right, this has the potential to be one of the best story modes in WWE video game history.

The objective-focused gameplay Showcase is known for will be taken into consideration when 2K pick the matches best-suited for the mode. So, what matches and moments from DB's run need to be in there? Read on to find out...


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