WWE 2K19: 10 Potential Showcase Modes

Just Bring It (back)...

WWE 2K16 Steve Austin Showcase
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Doing away with the deep Showcase Mode experience in WWE 2K17 was one of 2K's worst executive decisions. The mode, one that took players on a journey through wrestling history that thrilled and educated older and newer fans alike, was simply essential.

2K still haven't managed to replace Showcase with another meaty feature that scratches the same itch, and it was again absent from 2K18's line up. Hopes are high that 2K will realise the error of their ways and, when they're ready to reveal details on the new game later this summer, announce that Showcase is on the comeback trail in 2K19.

If they do, then there's a lot of ground left to cover; if the Stone Cold career retrospective in 2K16 proved anything, it's that 2K were just getting into a groove with the mode.

In exhausting Austin's career, (some of) the Attitude Era and individual feuds such as CM Punk vs. John Cena and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels over the years, 2K have shown their aptitude for documenting history. It's time they did so again, and there's no end to what they could focus on...

10. The Rise & Fall Of ECW

WWE 2K18 Rob Van Dam
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Aside from acting as the third wheel in SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, the original brilliance of ECW hasn't had a lot of love in WWE video games. Paul Heyman's marriage of 90s music video montages with sex appeal and extreme violence isn't exactly PG, but that doesn't mean 2K couldn't do something with it in 2K19.

For every over-rated, bloody garbage match starring The Sandman or Sabu, there were dazzling spotfests like Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn and the overlooked magic of Justin Credible's main event run. Those would be excellent parts of ECW's history to explore.

Combine those with the impact ECW had on WWE stalwarts like Mick Foley, Steve Austin or (even more briefly) Chris Jericho and the promotion's historical worth becomes even more captivating. Why not? It'd make a nice secondary mode at least.

Punctuating it with interview footage from guys like Heyman, Foley and Austin would also be nifty.

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