WWE 2K19: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

Female MyCareer, returning heroes and an underdog Showcase? Maybe...

WWE 2K19 Towers Mode
2K Games

Behold the majesty of the gaming rumour mill, a place where fans ponder just how good that next big release could be if wish list items come true and developers feed the frenzy by dripping out news slowly.

2K's announcement of the new Towers Mode is the latest revelation, and it follows official word that Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey will be pre-order bonuses. Though both those developments are nice, and it is cool to have a brand new Gauntlet-based mode to play around with, long time fans of the series won't be satisfied if it's the only single-player feature.

There's a clamour from 2K's core audience to see more story elements, match types, and characters. Social media is positively buzzing with all the possibilities for 2K19.

Exactly all of the conjecture here is either taken from that social media speculation or sheer consumer hope, but it's nice to imagine what 2K Games are feverishly getting up to as they ready themselves for WWE's forthcoming TV hype train about how this is "best WWE video game of all time".

There might be some truth to that this year; 2K19 could be the best on current-gen consoles if they include some of this stuff. Time for 2K to Showcase their wares...

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