WWE 2K19 Towers Mode: Everything You Need To Know

Worthwhile distraction or Gauntlet-based snorefest?

WWE 2K19
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Following their little Twitter tease yesterday, 2K Games revealed a brand new game mode for the upcoming WWE 2K19 release this afternoon.

The feature, entitled "Towers", revolves around players working their way up different ladders before inevitably being crushed by Shao Kahn. No, wait, wrong franchise, but Towers will share something in common with Mortal Kombat's pillar-based mode: they could be rather difficult to complete in one sitting, and the challenge should escalate the higher you make it.

That all sounds promising, and there's more. 2K's press release was a lengthy one, didn't scrimp on any details and promised to implement Towers into the special Million Dollar Challenge they've been touting over the past few weeks. Hopefully, the new mode won't become redundant once that's all over with.

In fairness, there's enough variation in here to keep fans playing for a good while. 2K have obviously put some real thought into crafting something unique that will feed a single-player experience. Intrigued? You should be.

Here's absolutely everything you need to know, broken down in easy-to-digest chunks. Are there more announcements to follow? Probably. Is this a solid addition to the 2K19 lineup? Absolutely...

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