WWE 2K19: 10 Wrestlers 2K Should Showcase Next

2K20 and beyond: Awesome. Electrifying. Heartbreaking?

WWE 2K19
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2K19's Daniel Bryan Showcase is going to rule.

The beloved mode's comeback (this is the first 2K Showcase since 2K16's excellent Steve Austin career retrospective) is very much welcome, and it's even more exciting because Bryan has been chosen as the subject. Playing all the underdog's major moments and matches, including leaked token bouts on Velocity and Raw, will be a riot for anyone who has even a passing interest in his work.

The burning question for 2K20 then is this: who, pray tell, is next?

2K surely won't bring back Showcase for one year then ditch it next time, not when there are so many wrestlers they could do a wonderful job with. If the Austin mode taught us anything, it's that there's still room for nostalgia in 2K's game even when they're putting modern favourites like AJ Styles on the cover too.

Styles himself might be a great Showcase star in the future, but he'll need a few more years on the clock before it's worthwhile and fully fleshed out. Others, meanwhile, are waiting with baited breath, and they're perfect for the centrepiece treatment...


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