WWE 2K19: 6 Most Shocking Roster Omissions

5. Nikki Cross

WWE 2K19 Nikki Cross
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It must have been a personal punch-the-air moment for Scotland's Nikki Cross when she heard the news that she'd be on the roster in WWE 2K18. That was her video game debut, a landmark moment for sure and the first of many. Or, as it turns out, the last in a while.

The ex-SAnitY screamer has been cut, and that has to be a huge disappointment amidst what WWE are calling a women's revolution.

This is the second blow in 2018 for Cross. Shortly after WrestleMania, she was left on NXT and forced to watch as her stablemates tried their luck on SmackDown and the main roster. Now, Nikki has lost her spot in the games to newcomers such as Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler and others.

Again, much like Kendrick, it doesn't make much sense for 2K to remove her character model from the game totally. Nobody would have complained had Cross' model been the same as last year's one, just with some new ring attire.

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