WWE 2K19: 6 Most Shocking Roster Omissions

6. Brian Kendrick

WWE 2K19 Brian Kendrick
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It's always confusing when developers of annual franchises remove things from the prior year. Surely, they should always be looking to add, not take away from fans who plough money into their product. That defies all logic, and it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth when it happens.

Poor Brian Kendrick. He's the latest victim of this nonsensical need to take things out.

Kendrick made the cut for 2K18, but he's been removed from the main roster this year. That's slightly disappointing when seeing that fellow 205 Live stalwarts TJ Perkins and Akira Tozawa are included. As a veteran whose legacy extends far beyond the Cruiserweight show, Kendrick deserved a slot.

Fans would have enjoyed playing as him more than Ariya Daivari, Gran Metalik or Lince Dorado, for example, and it's a shame his kick-ass entrance tune won't be pumping out. The same goes for those sweet leather jackets he wears to the ring. They won't be in the game either.

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