WWE 2K19: Predicting 10 Legends Who Could Appear

"Well y'know something, Mean Gene..."

WWE 2K19 Owen Hart
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2K have already confirmed legends like Ric Flair (thanks to his special Wooooo! Edition), Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for 2K19. The latter quartet were mentioned during the same Flair announcement, and so was an exclusive playable version of The Undertaker from 2002.

Is that enough to satisfy the demand for a rich legends roster? Not nearly.

The chances of seeing other sought-after names, such as Owen Hart, Chyna and Demolition, in this year's game are slim to none. WWE, and thus 2K, won't come to terms on an agreement with Owen's widow Martha, Demolition are part on an ongoing lawsuit against the company and Chyna is unlikely to be included until after WWE induct her into the Hall Of Fame.

As sad it is, fans should give up hopes for those legends for now and focus on ones who could appear. There are lots of options for 2K here, and they must know by now that playing as heroes of the past is a selling point for older fans who want to relive the glory days.

So, who are the most likely candidates and why?

10. Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino
WWE.com/Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Last Appearance: Bruno Sammartino's one and only WWE video game appearance was in 2K14 five years ago. Even then, he was a DLC character and not included on disc out of the box, and it's been disappointing since to see one of pro wrestling's greatest ever champions limited to a solo showing. He deserves more than that.

Why He's Likely: As someone who held the WWWF Heavyweight Championship (which shares the same lineage as the modern WWE Title) for 4,040 days combined across two reigns, Bruno should always be in there somewhere.

OK, so young kids are hardly clamouring for a Sammartino likeness they can use in Universe Mode in 2018, but his legacy is such that a Bruno model belongs in the Legends wing of any 2K roster. Sammartino is the very definition of legend, is a WWE Hall Of Famer and should be included in 2K19's plans.

2K need to make him a permanent addition.

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