WWE 2K20: 10 Tiny Details 2K Must Add

Picture-perfect CAWs need that picture-perfect entrance music, brother...

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2K's yearly release cycle for WWE games suggests we'll all be getting to grips with 2K20 at some point this coming October. There are loads of questions to be answered before that happens. Namely, what will the marquee features be? Will Showcase make a return? How about the long-awaited female MyCareer?

Forget all that big time bullsh*t for a second.

2K could make a lot of headway by building on top of what they already have. Sure, adding women to the Career suite is a must, but there are smaller, seemingly less significant changes they should focus on too. That's what this one is all about, folks. We're here (and, presumably, you're here) because there's a damn fine game lurking under the hood if only the devs would tweak some things.

Tiny details are important, and they've been neglected for way too long in the series. By implementing some, or all, of the minor features listed here, 2K might snatch back some of the fun factor and immersiveness that's been lost because the never-ending chore of churning out release after release has taken over...

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