If I had done this a week or two ago, we would be looking at a very different landscape. The Xbox One had some genuinely interesting but totally ill-prepared and restrictive policies on their system which went down with the internet as well as New Coke. The only difference now is that bringing back the old formula might not be enough. In that now legendary marketing mishap, Pepsi weren’t making all the right moves to challenge Coke for their supremacy. It is pretty hard to guess how Microsoft will shape up and impossible to know how they would have done had they kept their policies.

However, now that Microsoft have taken out their much maligned DRM policies, it has brought some people back to the Microsoft cause. So at this point, it seems a worthwhile endeavor to compare both consoles on their strengths and weaknesses and see if I can block out all the surrounding noise to help you decide which console is best for you.

This isn’t a science. There is no was to objectively say one console is better than the other, especially as we are still four months out from release.  The likelihood will be that there won’t be a clear winner, but instead the right console for the right person. I see both consoles impartially and that there was even merit in what Microsoft were doing with their reversed policies, so hopefully you won’t find my comparisons lopsided.

So, lets put down the boxing gloves and pick up our notepads as we match up the features of each console against each other…

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This article was first posted on July 8, 2013