Xbox One vs PS4: Which Should You Buy?


xboxone vs ps4 Some people might balk at the idea of putting so much importance on the controller but for me, it is one of the most important components to my gaming. The controller is how I interact with my gaming system and which console has the best controller is a big plus in my experience. It was one of the big problems I had playing with the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 controller is a great controller and ranks amongst the best the medium has ever seen. Robust and rounded, the control was a joy to sit in the hand and was never an issue, even after seriously prolonged usage. Contrast that to the PlayStation 3, it is just a controller that I have struggled to get a long with. Small but edgy, the controller always seemed to have somewhat of a brittle quality to it. Although, I have had hands on with both next-gen controllers and it is a different story. I have touched on this in the past with both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One previews, but both controllers were pretty nifty and neither has a major fault. The PlayStation controller is a distinct improvement on its predecessor, feeling like a more hardy input device. Not expecting to be impressed, Sony certainly turned it around for the next generation and produced a controller I could see myself using in the long term. On the other hand however, we have the Xbox One controller. There were worries that Microsoft might have messed with their formula but that isn't the case. Instead it has a refined design, being smaller in size while also locking in your hands around the controller. It is perhaps strange to describe but the controller almost pulls your hands into it for an incredibly firm but not strained experience. For me, the Xbox One has the better controller although it is not by much. They are both rather different from each other but are both pleasurable experiences. However, the grip and design of the Xbox One controller just eeks out as better to its competitor. Of course, if you are a heavy Xbox or PlayStation player, you might find the transition from one to the other a little jarring. The margin between both is fine and I wouldn't base your purchase on it. However, if you are getting an Xbox One, be sure you are getting a really great controller that is just 'this' much better
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