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Pure Farming 2018 Review

Just TRY reversing a tractor with a trailer on the back.
By Rich Hutson

Far Cry 5: 10 Best Franchise Moments So Far

We're not doing the same thing over and over again.
By George Foster

10 Times Video Game Publishers Insulted Their Fans

How stupid do they think we are?
By Joe Pring

10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

That damn Lance Vance...
By Sam Matthews

10 Amazing Video Games You'll Never Get To Play

Gone but not forgotten.
By Joe Pring

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 - 10 Past Mistakes Activision Can't Repeat

For the love of God, please let the plot make sense.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Games That Totally Wasted Their Biggest Selling Point

The "definition of insanity"? Building a marketing campaign around a character you don’t use.
By Scott Tailford

10 Videos Games That Totally Trolled Players

These games made a sport out of messing with our heads.
By David Bixenspan

10 Things EA Wants You To Forget

Nobody fails quite so hard as EA.
By Scott Tailford

Super Mario: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Happy Mario Day!
By Benjamin Richardson

Here's How To Get Mario On Google Maps

Reports of sat-nav users slipping on bananas unfounded.
By Benjamin Richardson

We've Had International Women's Day, Now It's Mario Day

Send fire flowers.
By Benjamin Richardson

Every Pokémon Generation Ranked From Worst To Best

Sometimes you get badass dragons, sometimes you get bags of trash.
By Duncan Forbes

12 Nintendo Switch Exclusives - Ranked From Worst To Best

The plumber, the Hyrulean champ and the spring-armed annoyance.
By Scott Tailford

Watch YouTube Gamer Ali A Teach Celebrity Mums To Play Fortnite

#FamilySquad goals
By Simon Gallagher

Far Cry 5: 10 Things We Can't Wait To Do

Far Cry Arcade is going to change everything.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Game Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Didn't Happen)

Bigfoot is TOTALLY in San Andreas, you're just not looking in the right place...
By Scott Tailford

GTA 6: 6 Brand New Leaked Details You Need To Know About

Bienvenidos a Miami...
By Jamie Kennedy

Call Of Duty 2018: 10 Leaked Details You Need To Know

You didn't expect Activision to miss the Battle Royale bandwagon, did you?
By Josh Brown

10 Awful Video Game Spin-Offs That Insult The Original

Mistakes were made.
By Joe Pring

7 WWE Video Game Moments That Were Flat Out Weird

Zombies, Druids, disembodied heads and sex changes...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE 2K19: 10 Potential Game Modes It Must Have

Time for The Undertaker to rewrite his retirement...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Popular Video Games That Will Die In The Next 5 Years

Call of Duty's days are numbered.
By Scott Tailford

9 Celebrity Voice Actors Who Ruined Their Video Games

For a few million dollars, is a more recognisable voice worth the hassle?
By Scott Tailford

8 Crazy Video Game Fan Theories That Actually Improve Games

Wait... is Mario actually the villain?!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Mind-Bending Video Game Thrillers That Will Melt Your Brain

You'll never be the same again.
By Scott Tailford

10 Features You Didn't Know Were Cut From Classic Video Games

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance would've been VERY different...
By Jeff Silvers

8 Ways You're Wrong About Old Video Games Being Better

Terrible checkpointing, no bug fixes and, oh yeah... all the sexism.
By Scott Tailford

10 Annoying Enemies That Almost Ruined Great Video Games

What's a Bethesda game without flying enemies? A better game, that's what.
By Robert Zak

Battlefield V 2018: 10 Things It Must Do Better Than 1

Having more than five guns would be a start.
By Josh Brown