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10 "Firsts" That Changed Video Games Forever

It wasn't Shenmue that brought us Quick-Time Events...
By Richard John Dorricott

15 Games That MUST Be On The PlayStation Classic

Spice World isn't one of them.
By Benjamin Richardson
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23 New Stadiums In FIFA 19

La Liga just got a serious upgrade from EA...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 "Next Big Thing" Video Games That Completely Flopped

Only Peter Molyneux could think that Project Milo would change the world.
By Josh Brown

2K Announce Full DLC Details For WWE 2K19

Rising Stars, Titans and new moves headline 2K19's DLC offerings this year...
By Jamie Kennedy
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Madden 19 Review: 5 Ups & 2 Downs

Accessible handholding for rank beginners and ridiculous depth for series veterans...
By Jamie Kennedy

Sony Unveils PlayStation Mini

Comes pre-loaded with 20 games, is utterly adorable.
By Benjamin Richardson

9 Times Video Games Made You Look Like An Idiot

The princess is in another castle. Probably.
By Rachel Shackleton

8 Video Games You Didn't Realise Ripped Off Famous Movies

Infinity Ward sure watched a LOT of The Rock...
By Josh Brown
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FIFA 19 Career Mode: 8 New Things You Need To Know

EA's self-awareness is either promising or infuriating...
By Jamie Kennedy

Dying Light 2: 10 Crucial Things It Must Improve

How to make killing athletic zombies even MORE fun.
By Jackson Osterhout

Insomniac's Spider-Man 2: Every CONFIRMED Detail We Know

Just what exactly will the sequel to Spider-Man PS4 include?
By Ewan Paterson

Spider-Man PS4: 7 Combat Tips To Help You Dominate Each Encounter

Want to crush those Taskmaster challenges? We got ya covered.
By Danny Meegan

10 Video Games Star Wars Fans Need To Play

The Force is strong with these ones...
By Sam Matthews

Clever Ways Developers Manipulate Their Video Game Players

Players get played.
By Jules Gill

The Most Evil Choice Fallout Lets You Get Away With

Your karma doesn't even change.
By Jules Gill

10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

Critics and players rarely see eye to eye, and these games prove it.
By Josh Brown

5 Impossible Video Game Difficulty Spikes No-One Saw Coming

Oh. That one hurt.
By Jules Gill

7 Upcoming Video Games That Will Waste Their Biggest Selling Points

Come on, Video Game Industry. Pull the other one.
By Scott Tailford
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FIFA 19: 8 Surprises From The Top 100 Players

Messi and Ronaldo are the same, and Mo Salah isn't one of the world's elite?
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Amazing Features Cut From Popular Video Games

Arkham Knight + Playable Joker = An even better game.
By Josh Brown

20 Essential Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

Because life's too short to play bad games.
By Adam Clery

Pokémon Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Gen 1?

Prove you're the very best, like no one ever was.
By Scott Banner

Has The Forsaken DLC Redeemed Destiny 2?

For Cayde... and also
By Alex Wilson

9 Video Game Plotlines You Didn't Realise Were Based On True Stories

Stranger than fiction.
By Joe Pring

10 Ways God Of War PS4 Was Almost COMPLETELY Different

An adventure as fat Kratos with no Atreus? Definitely not Game of the Year.
By Curtis Dillon

Marvel Gaming Universe CONFIRMED - What Needs To Happen Next

After Spider-Man, we're on the cusp of something special.
By Ewan Paterson

Spider-Man PS4: Every Boss Ranked From Worst To Best

From dull to unforgettable.
By Jack Pooley
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FIFA 19 Demo Review: 3 Ups & 3 Downs

If hearing that Champions League anthem doesn't hit you right in the feels, nothing will...
By Jamie Kennedy
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NBA 2K19: 9 Best Teams You Should Play First

A hectic off-season means tonnes of exciting 2K challenges.
By Andrew Murray