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10 Most Shocking Gaming Betrayals

Deception and duplicity from some of gaming's most memorable turncoats.
By Liam Lambert
+ Sport

FIFA 18 Wishlist: 10 Things That Must Be Included

Can EA Sports create the perfect football game in 2018?
By Andrew Murray
+ Sport

Football Manager 2018: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

FM 2017 was close to perfect - here's how to make it even better.
By Andrew Murray

10 Beloved First-Person Shooter Video Games That Need Rebooting

Imagine Overwatch with a story-driven single player. You've just imagined Timesplitters.
By Mark Langshaw

10 'Next Big Thing' Video Games That Failed Miserably

Seriously guys, it's "going to change everything".
By Scott Tailford
+ Film

10 Video Game Movies That Wouldn’t Definitely Suck

If Hollywood put in just a bit of effort, these films would turn out great.
By Sean Michael Hackett

Mass Effect Andromeda: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

By Jack Pooley

10 Things Fans Will Love (And Hate) About Mass Effect Andromeda

It is the blurst of times.
By Scott Tailford

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

How to make RE8 the 'Resident Evil 2' of this new direction.
By George Foster

8 Crazy Video Game Fan Theories That Actually Improve Games

Wait... is Mario actually the villain?!
By Simon Gallagher

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 5 Problems Nobody Admits Need Fixing

Game of a generation? Almost.
By George Foster

10 Phenomenal PS4 Games For Under £10

Some of these are cheaper than a frappuchino.
By Sam Denton

10 Ways Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Was Almost Completely Different

A motorcycle-riding stoner who saves the world from an alien invasion? Sure.
By Scott Tailford

10 Best Boss Battles In Final Fantasy History - Ranked

And no, Sephiroth isn't at number one...
By Dan Cross

10 Single-Player Video Games With Insanely Underrated Multiplayer Modes

How did we let co-op Batman and Robin slip through our fingers?!
By Martin Harp

Horizon Zero Dawn Explained: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

One of the most profound mystery narratives in gaming history.
By Scott Tailford

10 Best Alternative Female Heroes In Video Games

It's not all about Lara Croft, Zelda and Samus.
By Tanya Decarie

10 Video Game Twists We Never Saw Coming

A selection of mind-benders that really twisted our melons.
By Liam Lambert

10 Insanely Difficult Video Game Bosses That Weren't Worth The Pain

There's a reason some battles are optional.
By Dan Cross

10 Reasons Watch Dogs 2 Is One Of The Best Sequels Ever

An under-appreciated techno thrill ride.
By George Foster

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 11 Secrets & Locations You Must Find

You've beaten Ganon, now what?
By Scott Tailford

Mass Effect Andromeda Launch Trailer: 22 Things You Must See

Mass Effect goes all Hollywood.
By James Moore

9 Celebrity Voice Actors Who Ruined Their Video Games

For a few million dollars, is a more recognisable voice worth the hassle?
By Scott Tailford

10 Worst Mass-Market Video Game Controllers Of All Time

Seriously, WTF was that N64 pad?!
By Scott Tailford

Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 10 Best Rumours That Must Come True

Tank battles are out, awesome boss battles are back in.
By Scott Tailford

Nintendo Switch Pokémon Stars Wishlist: 8 Things We Want To See

The first home console Pokémon could be incredible.
By Steven Rondina

10 Iconic Video Game Influences You'll Find In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

From Shadow of the Colossus to Assassin's Creed.
By Bryan Langley

7 Reasons The PlayStation 3 Is Better Than Ever

A huge library, better PS Plus games, cheaper exclusives and much more.
By Bryan Langley

For Honor: 10 New Factions That Must Be Added

How can you have a game about warriors and not include the Spartans?
By Adam Hogg

14 Mind-Blowing Video Game Fan Theories That Change Everything

It's Ubisoft's world, we just live in it.
By Scott Tailford