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Borderlands 3 Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

The best one yet.
By Scott Tailford

8 More Video Game Difficulty Levels For The Criminally Insane

When the game beats you.
By Jules Gill

Football Manager 2020 - New Features & Improvements You Need To Know

It's time to pull on your tracksuit again for SI's giant management sim.
By Simon Gallagher

9 Video Games You Played Because You Owned The Wrong System

Are all CTR fans just Mario Kart lovers in disguise?
By Jules Gill

Zelda: Link's Awakening Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

Truly like a dream.
By Rachel Shackleton

8 Scrapped Endings That Almost Ruined Great Video Games

How to make The Last of Us just another action game.
By Josh Brown

How Well Do You Remember Dragon Age Inquisition?

High dragons, darkspawn magisters, and a plethora of cheese wheels.
By Motzie Dapul

Batman Arkham: Court Of Owls - 9 New Villains That Need To Be Included

The Joker is old news - these are the enemies The Dark Knight needs to face next.
By Callum Williams

Can Google Stadia Topple Traditional Household Console Names?

This content is provided by Unikrn.
By Unikrn

Gears 5 Review: The Best One Yet?

The major step up from 4 we needed.
By Ben-Roy Turner

9 Video Games That Put Insane Effort Into Details Nobody Noticed

Spider-Man on PS4 just got even better.
By Josh Brown

5 Heavy Bands Who Sampled Popular Video Games Community

Let's see what happens when hardcore music mixes with hardcore gaming.
By Cody Ayres Submit Your Content

8 First-Person Video Games That Changed Gaming Forever Community

Putting yourself in someone else's shoes has never been more of a game changer.
By Rewa Kumar Submit Your Content

9 Video Games Heroes Who Completely Failed At Their Quest

Well, at least they tried. That doesn't help everyone who died, but still.
By Josh Brown

5 Hardest Optional Gaming Bosses That Are NOT Worth The Trouble

You'll definitely have a bad time with these bosses, and you won't even get anything out of it.
By John Tibbetts

20 Essential Video Games You Must Play Before You Die 1M+ Views

Because life's too short to play bad games.
By Adam Clery

EA's Project Atlas Vs. Google Stadia: What You Need To Know

Who will be first to dominate this new space?
By David Bowles

8 Video Games That Changed Due To Fan Backlash

The customer is always right.
By Jules Gill

The ULTIMATE Final Fantasy 7 Who Said It? - Quiz Community

Have you played Final Fantasy VII enough that you could recite the dialogue by heart? Prove it!
By Aaron Wolfe Submit Your Content

These Video Game Sequels Suck!

Sometimes the original is better.
By Jules Gill

10 Video Games That Are Barely Recognisable Today

Some good, some bad.
By Jules Gill

10 Recent Video Games That Were Sent Out To Die

Oh, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We hardly knew ye.
By Josh Brown

The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Worst Things Link Has Ever Done

The Hero of Hyrule has some major explaining to do.
By Rachel Shackleton

10 Awkward Moments In Awesome Recent Video Games Community

Just as these games were awesome, these moments were awesomely awkward.
By Justin Avery Smith Submit Your Content

Could THIS Be Our First Look At GTA VI?

Rockstar's sequel might've had its biggest leak yet.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed Your Life

When replayability didn't come with a price tag.
By Scott Tailford

Nintendo Switch Online: 10 More SNES Games It Desperately Needs

Now we’re (re)playing with power!
By Chris Chopping

Assassin's Creed Kingdom Wishlist: 10 Things We Need To See

Nothing is true, everything is permitted - including a character creator?
By Stacey Henley

FIFA 20 Ratings: Best Possible XI

Only one player per position, but infinite goal-scoring possibilities...
By Jamie Kennedy

Catherine: Full Body Review

Does Catherine still hold up years later?
By Ben-Roy Turner