10 Bad Songs From Great Bands

9. Radiohead - Pop Is Dead (Pop Is Dead Single, 1993)

It€™'s hard to believe that just a few short years after the release of the disastrous €˜Pop Is Dead€™, Radiohead would unleash the timeless masterpiece that is Ok Computer. Overshadowed by the success of €˜Creep€™ back in the early 90s, €˜Pop Is Dead€™ is a satirical take on pop music, the press and the music industry as a whole.

Lasting a mere 2 minutes, the single is littered with throwaway riffs and would surely struggle to keep even the most patient of listeners engaged with its inane repetition and lacklustre chorus. Along with the most hardcore of fans, it seemed that even the band had turned their back on this shoddy number, as it failed to make a full album release and has long remained absent from their live setlist.

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