10 Best Female Rap Artists

Female Rappers have existed as long as Hip Hop itself but it took a while for them to be established…

Clare Simpson


lil kim

Female Rappers have existed as long as Hip Hop itself but it took a while for them to be established on the scene. Roxanne Shante was one of the first female rappers to score success back in 1984 during the Roxanne Wars between UTFO and DJ Marley Marl. I think she really set the bar for female rappers in terms of quality of rapping.

Once considered rare and exotic, female MCs are plentiful in rap now and my top 10 Female Rappers can hold their own with any male rapper out there. New and exciting female artists are emerging on the scene all the time and adding spice to the world of Hip Hop. I have compiled for you a list of who I think are the best female rappers who have worked in the industry. If I have forgotten any of your personal favourites please drop me a line in the comment box below.


10. Monie Love

Simone Gooden aka Monie Love is a highly regarded British female rapper who enjoyed considerable success mainly Stateside over her career. She was really a pioneer for British Hip Hop back in the Old Skool days. Queen Latifah took her under her wing and the two ladies produced the pro-feminist song ‘Ladies First’ proving that women (who were mainly invisible in Hip Hop at that time) can rap just as well as men can.

After impressive guest performances on songs by De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers and Adeva, Monie was given a recording contract with Warner Bros. an impressive achievement for a British female rapper. Her debut album Down to Earth featured two hit singles that were Grammy nominated – Monie in the Middle and It’s a Shame (My Sister). Further efforts included collaborations with Prince and Marley Marl.

Monie now resides in Florida with her four children. After rapping, she turned her hand to being a radio DJ and she hosts her own show called Ladies First. She certainly proved a lot and achieved a lot in her career as a rap artist and she pioneered the way forward for female rappers.