10 Best Indie/Alternative Songs Of 2017 (So Far)

9. The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness - The National

Ohio's finest return with the hook laden The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, a precursor to their upcoming seventh studio release, Sleep Well Beast, to be released in September. Following two days of cryptic teasing from the band's social media, the track was released to widespread acclaim.

While many of the band's more prominent tracks are of a sombre disposition, The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness is a multi-layered song that builds to a harder edge.

However, it retains much of the emotional sensibility of previous standout tracks, such as I Need My Girl, not least with vocalist Matt Berninger's refrain "I can't explain it, any other, any other way."

Sleep Well Beast remains one of the more anticipated alternative releases on the 2017 calendar.

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