10 Heaviest Slipknot Anthems So Far

9. Before I Forget

Before I Forget was a bit of a left-field song for Slipknot to release as a single, but by God, it was a smart decision. The song comes from the wonderful Vol. 3. This album was full of experimentation with far more focus on a melodic sound than in their previous work.

This particular track had noticeably added in gang vocals for the chorus. This technique is normally used by bands within hardcore and its various sub-genres, but it works perfectly with Before I Forget. There are clear hardcore influences to Slipknot's earlier work, so it’s not an alien concept for them to adopt this style.

This was also one of the first Slipknot singles to include a guitar solo, a trend that has continued into some of their later releases. Additionally, the video featured the band with their masks off, but their faces framed out of shot, likely leading to many speculating if they could catch a glimpse of flesh somewhere throughout.

Despite its side-step from the mainstream Slipknot catalogue, Before I Forget is a band favourite that is still regularly included in their live performances, with the chorus being one of the easier ones for the fans to scream back at them.

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