10 Heaviest Slipknot Anthems So Far

10. Disasterpiece

What better way to start off your Slipknot journey than with some of the most vulgar lyrics they’ve ever released?

Disasterpiece is the third song on Iowa, and opens with the line “I want to slit your throat and f**k the wound.” Now, you may be thinking that such a poetic and beautiful turn of phrase surely came from the mind of Oscar Wilde, or perhaps even William Shakespeare, but you’d be wrong.

Joking aside, hard-hitting and graphic lines such as these can be found all throughout Slipknot’s work, especially on the earlier albums. The body-horror aesthetic plays a large part in their art; not only in their personal image and album covers, but in their lyrics and music videos as well.

With a brutal drop-D riff, drumming with a BPS that could rival a hardstyle DJ, and the guttural growls of a young Corey Taylor, Disasterpiece offers the classic Slipknot sound so many of us grew up with.

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