10 Most Anticipated Metal Albums Of 2018

Possessed, Machine Head, Judas Priest… can the New Year hurry up, please?


2017 has been a biblical beast for heavy metal.

Bands both big and small have released masterpiece after masterpiece in recent weeks, but now that this awesome period threatens to draw to a close, metalheads must now look to the future: for, it is looking just as bright as the year behind us.

Much like 2017, 2018 is already promising great things, again coming from established names and fiery newcomers alike. From Machine Head to Avatar and everything in between, what better time is there than now to count down the best extreme music set to drop in the increasingly near future?

Well, the end of the year, probably…

But whatever! I’m doing it now, because I enjoy keeping you lot on your toes!

Important note: Unlike last year, for an album to make this list, a 2018 release has to have either been officially confirmed, or be the artist in question’s stated goal. Albums that are merely rumoured to be coming out soon won’t be making the cut, so no Tool, Slipknot or System of a Down (for the time being).


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