10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Metal Albums Of 2017

1. Enslaved – E (13 October)

In what will be their fourteenth studio album, Enslaved’s highly anticipated upcoming release E is sure to be one of the best metal albums of the year. Why? Because Enslaved never disappoint.

The Scandinavian sound sorcerers have gone into proggier areas in recent times, but it’s only added to their already intricate playing style. Their last LP In Times was a sensational gelling of progressive metal and black metal – an ambitious attempt by an ambitious group. And judging by the mind-blowing concept behind their upcoming record, it would seem they are going for the jugular. Speaking of it, guitarist Ivar Bjørnson said: “It is about the symbioses that surrounds us; which are vital to our existence, to our development — on all scales.” So yeah, pretty deep stuff!

Consistency is a vital component in making a band great, and by that measurement, Enslaved are up there with the very best. If E can match the hype, we could have one hell of an album on our hands.

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