10 One-Hit Wonders That Defined The Early 2000s

1. t.A.T.u - "All The Things She Said"

You may have tried to forget them, but it's likely all the things they said (ALL THE THINGS THEY SAID) are still running through your head (RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HEAD).

As a culture, we didn't really know what to do about lesbians in 2002. We took some small steps into accepting the LGBT community, but they were still treated with extremes, being entirely ignored or selfishly exploited. Guess which category t.A.T.u fell into?

It should be noted that these famous Russian Catholic school girls aren't actually lesbians, they were just playing the part for a music video, trying to titillate people into listening to their music. It worked, obviously.

The song was catchy enough to make the rather lewd video seem like a reasonable thing to play on an endless loop for a few months, and the two teen girls landed at the top of the UK Charts and became the first Russian group to break the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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