10 One-Hit Wonders That Defined The Early 2000s

You know damn well you liked Butterfly when it first came out.

In a post-Y2K world riddled with anthrax scares, trucker hats, and Fred Durst, we all looked to the most common form of escapism for some comfort: music. (Except for Fred Durst. There was no way to escape Fred Durst.)

And there was hardly a more confusing era in music than the early part of the 21st century. There was so much happening--thanks in large part to the wide accessibility granted by the expanding boundaries of the internet--and yet, there really wasn't much happening at all when you look closely.

The early 2000s didn't have a big boom period for any one genre (remember, boy and girl bands had officially exploded in the late 90s alongside nu metal), but there were little reverberations felt from garage rock and various indie subgenres.

So, because no one else was really taking up the throne, we were briefly overrun with a horde of one-hit wonders, the likes of which will probably never be seen again. (Hopefully.) There were so many artists that disappeared off the face of the earth after securing a top spot on TRL, and it was they who had the answers to what those first few years of the new Millenium would be remembered for.

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