15 Things Only Slipknot Fans Will Understand

1. There Is No Limit On Who Can Be A Maggot

When Joey Jordison came up with the term "Maggot" to describe the fans, one thing was made very clear - that Slipknot welcomes everyone into their world. Race, gender, sex, creed, class, shape, size... None of these categories matter to the band. Everyone that worships at the altar of Slipknot is a Maggot, and fans of the band know to welcome them with open arms too. Fans of Slipknot know that they are different. They listen to extreme music, they go crazy at the band's gigs, they cover themselves with body art that screams their love for the band. Slipknot is about being proud of standing out - of refusing to fit in, no matter who you are or what anyone else says about you. That is why "Surfacing" has become the band's anthem and an absolute fan favourite, even fifteen years after its initial release. Its expletive ridden chorus is a rallying cry for the band's fans, who "don't belong, don't exist, don't give a s***". Maggots, tell us what it's like for you to be part of the greatest fans on earth in the comments below.
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