18 Things Only Iron Maiden Fans Will Understand

13. Understanding Why Christopher Walken's Character On SNL Is Called The Bruce Dickinson

NBCNBCSNL's classic More Cowbell sketch featuring Blue Oyster Cult recording Don't Fear the Reaper is funny for a completely different reason to Maiden fans. Christopher Walken's character, the slightly manic music producer claiming he has a fever, is introduced as The Bruce Dickinson, a seemingly random reference at the time to Iron Maiden. Over the years several people have begun to wonder why Walken's character was named after Iron Maiden's singer. When asked, Bruce always answers, "Yes, that is me, but I didn't have anything to do with that album." Leaving those who asked even more confused about his involvement with Blue Oyster Cult or SNL. It was eventually made apparent that The Bruce Dickinson was supposed to represent an actual producer from the label, who also, oddly enough, had nothing to do with the production of that album. The real irony here is for the most part only Iron Maiden fans, wanting to know why SNL paid homage to their hero, cared to learn the distinction.
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