18 Things Only Iron Maiden Fans Will Understand

14. Everyone Loves Nicko

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCSHEklwSso Infamous for being one of the only heavy metal drummers to never use a double bass pedal, a gimmick he finds amateurish, Nicko made his thunderous debut with the band on their fourth album, Piece of Mind. The first time we ever heard the artillery pounding intro of Where Eagles Dare we knew McBrain was going to be a powerful addition. He has been with Maiden ever since and is the only other member of the band besides Steve to not have left and later rejoin. After twelve albums of fierce drumming Nicko's playing still delivers the same punch he did on Where Eagles Dare as heard in the slowly building death crescendo of Satellite 15... The Final Frontier. Even though his only official writing credit to date is New Frontier from Dance of Death, Nicko's influence on the band's sound is undeniable. Often in the weary dog days of recording, Steve works alongside him, spending hours in the studio laying the foundation of songs together. Harris has commented several times how much easier song writing became when Nicko joined the band. Hidden behind his massive drum set, it's sometimes easy to forget the man is there during live performances, but Nicko makes up for this by being the most approachable member of the band offstage. He is often the first to open up to fans, always being ready to hangout with them and have a laugh.
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