20 Most Underrated Nu-Metal Anthems

10. A – Nothing

Often classed as a hard rock band, British rockers A also have a heavy side. Because to my ears, their explosive 2002 single ‘Nothing’ touches on nu-metal in a variety of ways.

The main riff here is straight out of the nu-metal rulebook with its distorted tone and sheer volume. There’s also some neat electronic flourishes, angst-ridden lyrics, and a booming bass sound – all common traits found within the nu-metal sound template. Radio 1 DJ, heavy metal enthusiast, and all-round awesome dude Daniel P. Carter delivers the killer main riff on ‘Nothing,’ so that could explain the song’s heavier tendencies.

It’s easy to see why this track hit the number 9 spot on the Official UK Singles Chart, but to nu-metal fans, the name A might not ring a bell. Well no longer – ‘Nothing’ is a stonking nu-metal anthem that unfortunately tends to get overlooked.

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