20 Most Underrated Nu-Metal Anthems

20. Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra

It’s fair to say that after Limp Bizkit faded away somewhat in the late noughties, the public wasn’t in high hopes for the comeback album in 2011. It’s also fair to say though that the record surpassed expectations, particularly on the groove orientated title track.

It’s probably the best one lyrically on the album (which isn't saying much) but musically, this one is infectious from the first moment to the last. Guitarist Wes Borland yet again proves why he’s one of the best guitar players of the nu-metal period, delivering two killer guitar refrains that play on the group’s obvious groove metal strengths.

If the high-octane fret work doesn’t do it for you, frontman Fred Durst is always willing to rope you in with his nonsensical but catchy vocal delivery, helping to inject the track with some angst-fueled attitude. Lyrically though, they still leave a lot to be desired. Durst’s attempt to rhyme at every point possible begins to grate and highlights his lack of subtlety.

Still, ‘Gold Cobra’ is the sound of a band that embraces their nu-metal label – and this heavy hitter is all the better for that admission.

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