20 Most Underrated Nu-Metal Anthems

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Love it or hate it, nu-metal gets people talking. From its humble beginnings in the mid-‘90s, to its meteoric rise at the close of the decade – the rap-infused heavy metal hybrid achieved something that many other metal sub-genres have failed to attain: Commercial success.

But what about those nu-metal tracks that didn’t garner enough adoration? As is normally the case with any successful splinter group, the sheer overloading of bandwagon jumpers and unauthentic copycats can cause many great bands to get lost at sea. And nu-metal was certainly no different.

Whether it’s because they were slated by critics, they didn’t perform well commercially, or they simply weren’t as popular as they deserved to be – this list represents those great nu-metal songs that should have been rated more highly. Oh, and keep an eye out for my list of the 30 greatest nu-metal songs ever!

For now, though, get your ears around these 20 underrated nu-metal anthems – all of which should have been much bigger than they were.

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