8 Famous Songs That Have The Absolute Dumbest Sequels

8. Rebecca Black - "Friday"

Hey, just calm down. We're going to talk about this like mature adults. So just...cool it. Okay?

"Friday" was the unexpected YouTube smash hit that overwhelmed the media landscape in 2011, providing teenager Rebecca Black with an unprecedented amount of--OK, SCREW IT, YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THIS SONG IS AND YOU KNOW HOW TERRIBLE IT MADE EVERYTHING.

"Friday" can suck it. Just straight up suck it. But did you know that the trauma caused by this little YouTube girl and her strangely detailed ode to Fridays (or is it just the one Friday? I'm still not sure...) nearly came crashing back a couple of years later? It's true. Black tried to recapture the "magic" she had with that strange viral sensation by penning another very literal documentation disguised as a song.

She went back to the well and came back with...the next day of the week. "Saturday" failed to get much steam going, instead becoming a fleeting punchline for talk show hosts that stayed on the charts for just one week. You do have to give her a little bit of credit for trying again, considering all the ridicule she took the first time around.

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