8 Famous Songs That Have The Absolute Dumbest Sequels

What, you didn't know there was a sequel to Eminem's Stan?

eminem stan

Sequels are big business in the movie industry. There are no fewer than eight thousand of them being released over the course of this year alone. That might not even be an exaggeration. But, for whatever reason, this phenomenon isn't usually transferable to music.

It appears that not enough listeners are interested in what happened to Father Mackenzie after he gave Eleanor Rigby's eulogy. But that lack of interest hasn't always stopped songwriters from continuing the stories that they feel have some unfinished business. It does, however, tend to stop listeners from caring.

Most of these sequels have simply been lost to time, with only the original remaining in the public consciousness. Make no mistake, there isn't a T2: Judgement Day to be found in the bunch. No, these are the Caddyshack 2's of the music biz. They're Blues Brothers 2000 on the music charts, Speed 2: Cruise Control in song.

But that won't stop us from loving them in a "so bad it's good" kind of way.

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