Alter Bridge: 10 Awesome Tracks You've Never Heard

9. Peace Is Broken (Fortress) Oh sorry, did you want heavy? Is your face just that little bit too firm and your teeth that little bit too in place? Well, let yourself through the AB-logo'd doors and into the Peace Is Broken lounge, where you'll be served bone-powdering riffs and an overall pace so furious it's highly unlikely you'll leave in one piece. This was one of many songs that proved not only did 'third album syndrome' not apply to these guys, they positively snarled at the idea of a fourth being anything less than spectacular. Peace Is Broken is like a pleasant shotgun shell to the chest you can sing along to, it'll take you on one hell of a ride and for any non-AB loving listener makes for a perfect entry point to their discography that's only the beginning of what's on offer.
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